Mobile corona protection measures

Corona protection

Corona protection

Simple, uncomplicated and also precisely tailored to your needs. The complete on-site service.

Corona protection

Modular Systems is a strong partner who, thanks to its system components, can optimally implement all necessary protective measures for you, so your business can continue.

Corona protection

The perfect protection for you, your employees and of course also for your customers.

Corona Schutzmaßnahmen im Shop

Fast and unproblematic

We love to talk to you. We got the perfect solution for you and for every industry, whether retail, hairdressing, gastronomy or the office.

Enclosures, partitions, sneeze guards quickly and perfectly tailored to you.

Short-term assembly without problems, but fast, individual and professional. Our protection for the corona crisis.

Corona Schutzmaßnahmen beim Friseur


With our system we are able to build the right component for every purpose. This creates security for everyone and you also have the opportunity to fully utilize the resources of your company.

Die Corona Schutzmaßnahmen bringen Nähe mit Sicherheit

A safe experience for those we care about.


Short term assembly

Throughout Germany



Individual and professional

Enclosure for every POS system

Due to the flexibility of our system, it is ideal for ensuring maximum security in the checkout area.

We also automatically adapt to your shop design and offer you a tailor-made security checkpoint.

All of this with class and style, of course. Short-term assembly throughout Germany, unproblematic, fast, individual and still professional, our range of protection for the corona crisis.

Corona Schutzmaßnahmen an der Kasse
Corona Schutzmaßnahmen in der Gastronomie

Use the whole area of your restaurant

Also activate the areas with protective measures that would otherwise remain unused for hygiene reasons. Short-term assembly throughout Germany, unproblematic, fast, individual and professional, our range of protection for the corona crisis.

Cut, set and blow-dry safely and with style

Individual solutions for your business at a fair price are our strength.


Together and yet for yourself

The safe office

Enclosures for workplaces in the tightest of spaces are the ideal solution for a safe and productive workplace in times of Corona.

The restrained design also does not disturb the sense of space, while at the same time providing maximum security.


Disinfection at the entrance and exit

Disinfection stele with steel base (RAL9006)

Disinfection stele with steel base (RAL9006)

optionally other RAL tones, available in two versions, type 2 with welted frame on the column to present your logo or your advertising message on the replaceable welted fabric, both types including a bottle of disinfectant.

Price on request

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