Trade fair- and event lighting

We are modular and so is the "Lichtmast"

Convince yourself in our new exhibition. Here we present the new masts of our MS Light Family. Convince yourself of all the advantages on site. Each individual light pole also consists of the same components. For example, the SlimLight light pole can be configured into an EdgeLight by adding two BeeLight modules and the appropriate connectors and cables.

Brand new!!!

It is possible to dim each light pole. For this you need dimmable IC-BeeLight modules. These can be expanded with dimmers. A light pole can be dimmed with an APP (IOS and ANDROID) via Bluetooth.

We don't want to leave you in the dark about how you can set the scene for your trade fair stand or your event

That is why we are presenting our unique, worldwide patented light mast system, the MS Light Family. We have developed this system for you in cooperation with the lighting experts from Necop and the Beelight brand.

7er Modul


  • For large areas
  • 6 meters high
  • 78.000 lumens
  • 600 watts


Kopf MS-Corner


  • For edges and corners
  • 4 meters high
  • 26.000 lumens
  • 200 watts


Kopf MS Slim


  • For narrow areas
  • 4 meters high
  • 26.000 lumens
  • 200 watts


Kopf MS Edge


  • For edges and center areas
  • 4 meters high
  • 39.000 lumens
  • 300 watts


Kopf MediumLight


  • For medium-sized areas
  • 4 meters high
  • 52.000 lumens
  • 400 watts


Optimal lighting with little effort

→ Daylight-like surface illumination without suspension points:
With a light color of 4500-5500 K and a color rendering index of >80, a lighting mood similar to daylight is guaranteed.

→ New and innovative design
The form always follows the function.
Luminaires in honeycomb form, patented worldwide, complement each other with the proven modular system from Modular Systems.

→ Simple and quick assembly and disassembly
Your lighting is set up in just a few simple steps. (Our largest light mast MS-HighLight can be set up with only 2 people in about 10 minutes).

→ Proof of stability available
For you, this means no additional costs for rigging and statics per suspension point.

→ Dimming function (light pole MS-HighLight)
Use the remote control to adjust the illuminance to your requirements in a simple and uncomplicated manner.

→ Optional extension possible
All light poles are offered by us in a basic version. However, the system is able to adapt to all requirements. The intelligent honeycomb shape of the LED lamps enables quick and easy expansion.

→ Light planning 
Our team will be happy to create an individual lighting plan for our light poles for your exhibition stand/event.

As bright as the day

With a brightness of approx. 78,000 lumens, your exhibition stand will be illuminated accordingly over a large area. Just one light mast illuminates up to 200 m² of your exhibition stand. In this way you save costs, time and labour-intensive suspensions for stand lighting.

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