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The "Lichtmast"-family

We present you our unique and also worldwide patented "Lichtmast"-system, the MS-Light-Family. However, we have developed this system for you in cooperation with the lighting experts from Necop and the Beelight brand.

7er Modul


  • For large areas
  • 6 meters high
  • 78.000 lumens
  • 600 watts


Kopf MS-Corner


  • For edges and corners
  • 4 meters high
  • 26.000 lumens
  • 200 watts


Kopf MS Slim


  • For narrow areas
  • 4 meters high
  • 26.000 lumens
  • 200 watts


Kopf MS Edge


  • For edges and center areas
  • 4 meters high
  • 39.000 lumens
  • 300 watts


Kopf MediumLight


  • For medium-sized areas
  • 4 meters high
  • 52.000 lumens
  • 400 watts


Lichtmast breit

The Lightmast MS-Highlight

The MS-Highlight developed in collaboration with Necop achieves a power of 600 watts, with which it generates up to 78,000 lumens of light output.

The lightmast system from Modular Systems

The MS-system is basically a variable modular system, which is also based on one of the most intelligent natural forms.

It is a new type of LED lighting based on individual modules that are assembled. Each module thus has the hexagonal shape of a honeycomb.


neuartiges Design

We are happy to assist you in the planning of your project for rent:

Would you like to rent specific booth structures rather than purchase them? We have two-level structures, light poles and other materials available for rental at MODULAR Systems to fulfill your project needs for larger booths.

Below you will find some examples of our rental offers for your inspiration:


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